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Ebertfest 2014

Ebertfest is coming to CU April 25.

Ebertfest is coming to CU April 25.

The 14th annual Ebertfest is coming to Champaign Urbana and you will want to get your tickets now. They tend to sell out and this year’s films amnd guests will make the go early.

The first night at the Virginia Theatre features the biographical documentary from Steve James “Life Itself“. This film is all about the genious and heart of Roger Ebert (it won kudos at Sundance), and it will be a major feature of this years event. Steve James was the director of “Hoop Dreams” which was championed by Siskel and Ebert way back. Hoop DreamsĀ is part of the festivities at Eberfest this year as well. This is the 20th anniversary of the film’s release.

Here is a peak at “Life Itself”–and no, the film does not mention Ebertfest. Part of that editing thing I hear.




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