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Fox Sightings in Champaign Urbana

Lately there have been fox seen within the city limits of Champaign. This is part of a growing trend of people seeing wild animals in or near their homes in urban areas.

There are plenty of food sources for fox in the area– primarily other wild animals such as squirrels, rabbits and small rodents (mice). This means that the incursion of fox around Champaign Urbana neighborhoods can be good in some ways, there are also cautions.

People tend to be very fascinated and curious when fox are seen and they are not tame. Like they will bite or have even been known to attack humans. Also there is possible damage to real estate when they take up residence. Fox like to burrow and enlarge cavities in the ground and when they do this under a deck or in a protected area, they can damage a foundation.

Another factor is that when a home is put up for sale, a seller may think that resident foxes are wonderful. At the same time, some buyers would think twice about buying a home with a fox family as their co-habitors.

Fox in Champaign .

Fox have been seen in the Chmpaign Urbana area over the winter- even in residential neighbothoods.

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