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Rural Lots in East Central Illinois

People often look for building lots for sale near Champaign Urbana. Lots like this for sale in Champaign County are rare (farmland is valuable and productive) and expensive. For one thing there are just not that many wooded areas and those that exist have homes on them.

But cross just over to Vermillion County and there are many more options…and the taxes are lower. Beyond this there is often less red tape with zoning.

These six lots for sale along US Hiway 136 can be perfect for someone who needs access to both Champaign Urbana and Danville. Each lot is almost 2 acres and they can be purchased at a bargain price- especially if the buyer wants more than one. All together they would make a nice parcel for living with access on both Hiway 136 and on the paved side road.

East Central Illinois building lotsThe lots for sale are 1, 2, 7, 8,9, and 10.


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