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U of I Flash Index

News Gazette economy indicator

The U of I Flash Index graphed this morning on the News Gazette. The econmoic figure has risen generalloy over the last two years.

The U of I Flash Index was published yesterday and it was up a bit from April. This stat is calculated  monthly by the UI Institute of Government and Public affairs and gives a measure of present and future economic health of the Champaign Urbana area. It is a weighted average of growth rates in personal income, corportate earnings, and consumer spending.

The figure rose a bit from April (106) to 106.2 in May. The figure has generally been on the climb since May of 2012 when it pegged 102. Any figure above 100 is considered to be a positive economic indicator. It is also a sign the the Champaign Urbana real estate market is healthy.

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