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One Little Thing Not to be Overlooked…

Today I got a call from a buyer’s agent saying she was unable to show one of my Champaign-Urbana listings because the key wasn’t working. The key would turn but not far enough to unlock the deadbolt. If a buyer can’t get into a home, that buyer certainly isn’t going to BUY the home, so […]

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Is Your Champaign Home on the Market? Photos are Essential!

An Interview with Photographer Melissa Larson When it comes to marketing your Champaign home for sale, photos are essential. Photos are a buyer’s first impression of your home and the quality of the photos can be the difference between a buyer wanting to see your home in person…or not. In this video, Shannon Lewis interviews […]

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How Much is My Champaign-Urbana IL Home Worth?

When we created this website, we knew that the “how much is my home worth” question was one we would need to address. Pricing your home when putting it on the market can be the deciding factor of how quickly your home sells, if at all. We considered adding one of those little widgets you’ll […]

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Do You Need to Hire an Agent to Sell Your Champaign-Urbana IL Home?

Do you need to hire an agent to sell your home? Our answer is this: It really depends on your own capabilities and market knowledge. Generally, when you hire a professional to do a job (an accountant to do your taxes, a landscaper to beautify your yard, a general contractor to build the new addition […]

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