Best Mortgage Rates in Champaign Urbana?

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Best Mortgage Rates in Champaign Urbana?


Here’s the deal: just about every Champaign Urbana lender will have the same rates on 30 year, 15 year, fixed and adjustable rate home loans. But the wise buyer will know that its not only about the rate–its about service, extra charges, and ending up for all those payments with the loan you want.

So forget the online lenders and let someone like us or another skilled local realtor connect you to a local lender….we know them all!

Here is why:

  1. Your local Champaign Urbana lender knows local taxes, state laws, etc so you get an accurate idea of what your payment will actually be.
  2. Often what seems like a good deal online only looks good because it does not include all of the closing costs. Your local lender or one of us will list and explain exactly what will happen financially at closing–it can be confusing!
  3. Using a local lender who is sharp means you will get an update and options to alter your loan in the future. For instance what if in three years interest rates in Champaign Urbana are even lower than right now? Your local lender will email you and suggest you consider a refinance. Could save you a bundle.
  4. Here is the biggest reason of all: SERVICE. Using a skilled local bank means there is someone there and the good ones we use get back to you personally in minutes.

So…for many of the same reason to choose a local realtor, your best bet for home finacing in Champaign Urbana is to call us to day and get connected to pre approval for your next home in CU!

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