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Champaign County Real-Estate and Covid-19

U of I State Farm Center

Lifestyle Changes in 2020

2020 was a year full of changes and upheaval as it related to how we conduct our daily lives.  Champaign County was no different than the rest of the world in that we felt the effects of shutdowns, social distancing and the like all around C-U.  According to the Illinois Department of Public Health we are currently in Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois pandemic mitigation.  This is the phase before we fully re-open. The Champaign-Urbana Public Health district is reporting 32,682 doses of the vaccine have been administered.  To put that in perspective; that is almost the entire population of the city of Urbana.

Safety Precautions in Real Estate

What does all this mean for someone looking to buy or sell a property in C-U, you ask?  Well, it means as your market experts in Champaign County we will still abide by the necessary safety precautions until we are in Phase 5.  We practice social distancing, wear masks when appropriate and will not schedule in person client meetings if we feel ill.  We have become very adept at scheduling Zoom meetings with our clients.  We can still assess your real estate needs as they relate to the Champaign-Urbana area even if we are unable to physically meet.

Beringer Realty is excited to work with you and are experts in the Champaign County market.  The uncertainty so many people experienced in 2020 will not be part of your experience with our brokerage.  We are a small family-owned brokerage with extremely low overhead; giving us the advantage over larger firms to pay much more individualized attention to our clients.  We put client relationships first in all we do.  Real estate in Champaign County is a thriving market, so allow us to guide you every step of the way. 

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Beringer Realty in Urbana

Corona Virus Update

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Yes we are open, showing houses with appropriate measures from the COVID19 guidelines, listing homes for sale in Champaign Urbana, and doing home closings.

Most Champaign homes for sale cannot be shown just anytime. Those where there are restrictions are see-able in someway–like at certain times or by appointment. We plan to keep going using safety measures until the corona virus pandemic disappears.

This is actually a great time to buy and sell CU homes and we can get you connected to a lender and help you start the process.

Beringer Realty in Urbana
Debbie Hensleigh is managing broker at Beringer Realty –call today at 217.552.0700 or email


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Champaign Urbana During COVID-19

Life goes on in good old Chamapign Urbana during the shelter in place regime.

Life goes on around Champaign Urbana during the corona virus shut down. Mayor Deb Feinen caught national attention and no small amount of heat for initiating drastic measures early on but her foresight has been vindicated.

Students are mostly gone and the semester at the U of I may be toast.

No March madness for the basketball Illini.

No sitting outside at Seven Saints or Quality.

We do have Meadowbrook Park, carry out from Jarlings, and a free News Gazette online so we will make it until whenever.

Deb Feinen is Champaign Illinois mayor and a good leader during corona virus shutdown.
Deb Feinen, Champaign Mayor

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Best Mortgage Rates in Champaign Urbana?


Here’s the deal: just about every Champaign Urbana lender will have the same rates on 30 year, 15 year, fixed and adjustable rate home loans. But the wise buyer will know that its not only about the rate–its about service, extra charges, and ending up for all those payments with the loan you want.

So forget the online lenders and let someone like us or another skilled local realtor connect you to a local lender….we know them all!

Here is why:

  1. Your local Champaign Urbana lender knows local taxes, state laws, etc so you get an accurate idea of what your payment will actually be.
  2. Often what seems like a good deal online only looks good because it does not include all of the closing costs. Your local lender or one of us will list and explain exactly what will happen financially at closing–it can be confusing!
  3. Using a local lender who is sharp means you will get an update and options to alter your loan in the future. For instance what if in three years interest rates in Champaign Urbana are even lower than right now? Your local lender will email you and suggest you consider a refinance. Could save you a bundle.
  4. Here is the biggest reason of all: SERVICE. Using a skilled local bank means there is someone there and the good ones we use get back to you personally in minutes.

So…for many of the same reason to choose a local realtor, your best bet for home finacing in Champaign Urbana is to call us to day and get connected to pre approval for your next home in CU!

Call Debbie at 217.552.0700 or email

Mortgage rates in Champaign Urbana
Home mortgage lenders in Champaign Urbana.

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Beringer Realty in Urbana
Debbie Hensleigh operates Beringer Realty with a attitude that people deserve excellent service.

Beringer Realty is a small team of skilled realtors helping people buy and sell homes in the Champaign Urbana area.

The new Beringer office is at 129 North Race, Urbana, 61801 and the phone is still 217.552.0700.

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Sold in Champaign


We list homes for sale all over Champaign Urbana and Champaigh county.

This home just sold by Beringer Realty in Devonshire (southwest Champaign) . Here are some photos:

Devonshire home for rent

Everything is new and of top quality in this 5 bedroom home in Devonshire.

luxury rental in Champaign

1 Canterbury Ct, Champaign for rent

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Urbana Home Sold

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We sold this home in Urbana –one of the many we have helped Champaign Urbana sellers with in recent months.

This home in Myra Ridge Urbana had wood floors, new carpet, fireplace, great yard, big clean garage, and perfect location for Carle Clinic, U of I, and Urbana shopping.

Here are some photos:



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Executive rental in Champaign Urbana

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This home at 8 Cloverleaf Ct, Savoy is a recently remodeled 5 bedroom home for rent in Champaign Urbana.

Homes for sale in Champaign Urbana IL

8 CloverLeaf Court in Savoy

Featured Listings

Wooded Lots For Sale

We have three lovely rural lots available and ideal for building... large mature trees, creeks, wildlife and an abundance of quiet. These lots are enchanting and just 35 minutes from Urbana and 20 minutes from Danville. Realtor owned. Call Debbie at 217.369.9897 for details.

Debbie Hensleigh on how we do real estate at Beringer Realty.