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Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon Results

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Illinois Marathon

Illinois marathon

The results of the big Illinois marathon are now posted.

The great race is over and we are back to normal around Champaign Urbana. The winner was a Kenyan from Mexico City (many Kenyans train in Mexico at high altitude) and he ran in record time.

There was not a record number of runners but the crowd was good and the day perfect. Next years race hopefully willl be preceeded by milder weather so that the race numbers cna continue to climb. This race series started several years ago when the organizers expecting a 3,000 crowd, got a deluge of 9,ooo for the initial run. Lets hope it continues to grow in 2015.

Results for the Illinois marathon can be found at the Christie Clinic Marathon site.

Here is a listing of the top 10 finishers:

26 Hillary Kimaiyo M/32 2:20:35 2:20:35 5:21/mi 1 1 1
15 Jason Lokwatom Troy OH M/29 2:23:43 2:23:43 5:28/mi 2 2 1
13 David Kipkoech M/35 2:26:14 2:26:15 5:34/mi 3 3 1
4 Brett Lustgarten Carol Stream IL M/24 2:30:51 2:30:51 5:45/mi 4 4 1
2074 Harley Johnson Urbana IL M/40 2:40:18 2:40:19 6:06/mi 5 5 1
873 Braulio Benitez chicago IL M/32 2:42:45 2:42:45 6:12/mi 6 6 2
5 Scott Jansky Two Rivers WI M/40 2:43:19 2:43:20 6:13/mi 7 7 2
1903 Ethan Wedel Machesney Park IL M/25 2:44:50 2:44:52 6:17/mi 8 8 2
8 Jonathon Roberts Saint Louis MO M/24 2:46:56 2:46:56 6:21/mi 9 9 2
402 Nathan Smith Urbana IL M/23 2:47:41 2:47:45 6:23/mi 10 10 3

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Envisioning Our Micro-Urban Future

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We live in this unique community called "micro-urban" and we have a vision!

We live in this unique community called “micro-urban” and we have a vision!

This new video from the people at Krannert was introduced yesterday at the economic seminar at I Hotel. It follows the little film that initiated the term “micro-urban” a few years ago.

This is the kind of community we are in Champaign Urbana and the vision we have for the future.

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Fox Sightings in Champaign Urbana

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Lately there have been fox seen within the city limits of Champaign. This is part of a growing trend of people seeing wild animals in or near their homes in urban areas.

There are plenty of food sources for fox in the area– primarily other wild animals such as squirrels, rabbits and small rodents (mice). This means that the incursion of fox around Champaign Urbana neighborhoods can be good in some ways, there are also cautions.

People tend to be very fascinated and curious when fox are seen and they are not tame. Like they will bite or have even been known to attack humans. Also there is possible damage to real estate when they take up residence. Fox like to burrow and enlarge cavities in the ground and when they do this under a deck or in a protected area, they can damage a foundation.

Another factor is that when a home is put up for sale, a seller may think that resident foxes are wonderful. At the same time, some buyers would think twice about buying a home with a fox family as their co-habitors.

Fox in Champaign .

Fox have been seen in the Chmpaign Urbana area over the winter- even in residential neighbothoods.

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Champaign Urbana #GoDoCU #1

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There is so much to do in Champaign Urbana and we at Beringer Realty know and love this place. So besides helping you buy a home in Champaign Urbana, we want to keep you up to date with fun things to do here.

As an example, Debbie (our managing broker) just had an idea for tonight–yes it is drizzling and cold today with snow tonight. But with a little smile she just chirped- “Lets go to The Art Theater tonight and then to Distihl !”

So we are starting a new series aimed not just at the real estate scene- but at cool things to do in the area.

We will include Champaign of course and Urbana, Savoy, Mahomet, St Joe–and then the other small towns around as well as Chicago, Indy, and St Louis.

There will be foodie things, art, festivals, little known cool places to bike, run or walk and other great ways to spend your evenings and weekends.

Yes we will keep you up to date on the CU real estate scene–but at the same time we will be your source for stuff to “GoDo”. And watch for #GoDoCU on twitter!

Ebertfest 2014

Ebertfest is coming to CU April 25…one of ther cool this to #GoDoCU !

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New Hyatt Place in Downtown Champaign

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Well for quite some time–seems like forever–the corner of Neil and Church was a burned out building and a hole in the ground. There was speculation of what would go in that spot. News came out two years ago that a Hyatt Place would be built in downtown Champaign and still it was hard to imagine. For those who remember the downtown Champaign malaise 20 years ago–those folks thought it a miracle.

Now we are poised for the opening of the Champaign Hyatt Place and even more change will come to the downtown Champaign scene. Furniture is being unloaded, the swimming pool is done, they are hiring and it is expected to fill for U of I graduation weekend. Here are some pics:

The Hyatt Place Hotel in Downtown Champaign is just about finished- a miracle for the CU area.

The Hyatt Place Hotel in Downtown Champaign is just about finished- a miracle for the CU area.

hyatt doen 2

This is what the corner of Neil and Church–the new Champaign Hyatt Place–will look like in a few weeks.


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Ebertfest 2014

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Ebertfest is coming to CU April 25.

Ebertfest is coming to CU April 25.

The 14th annual Ebertfest is coming to Champaign Urbana and you will want to get your tickets now. They tend to sell out and this year’s films amnd guests will make the go early.

The first night at the Virginia Theatre features the biographical documentary from Steve James “Life Itself“. This film is all about the genious and heart of Roger Ebert (it won kudos at Sundance), and it will be a major feature of this years event. Steve James was the director of “Hoop Dreams” which was championed by Siskel and Ebert way back. Hoop Dreams is part of the festivities at Eberfest this year as well. This is the 20th anniversary of the film’s release.

Here is a peak at “Life Itself”–and no, the film does not mention Ebertfest. Part of that editing thing I hear.




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