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*Note: On this page is an outline of the services we provide for a full-service listing. We do, however, offer other service packages. Please contact us for details.

Successful home sales in the Champaign-Urbana IL market area are the direct result of implementing a strategic marketing plan. While Champaign-Urbana IL homes have not been as greatly impacted by the economic downturn as homes in many other areas throughout the country, the number of homes sitting on the market right now is evidence that simply sticking a price tag on your home in the MLS and a “for sale” sign in your yard is not nearly enough.

As a whole, our marketing plan at Homeplace Advisors consists of 3 basic “steps” with variations within each step that will cater to your unique Champaign-Urbana, IL home:

Step 1: Condition and Staging

Condition: The condition of your home greatly influences the price at which we market your home and the subsequent outcome. Almost every home requires at least some minimal work to be done prior to putting the home on the market. Today in this challenging market, the fact is that the only homes selling quickly and for top price are the ones in the best condition. Our job is to determine for you what things need to be repaired/replaced and what things really don’t matter to buyers, so that you can get the best price for your home…without wasting money on unnecessary fixes.

Staging: By “staging” we do not mean filling your home with unnecessary furniture and accessories. Staging is simply the technique used to accentuate the best of your home features. When the potential buyers walk into your home, we want them to say “wow” (and mean it in a good way)! Through some simple staging techniques, usually using the belongings that you already have, we can help create the wow-factor, resulting in a quicker offer on the home. It’s a vital part of our strategic home marketing plan.

Step 2: Pricing

Our goal is to have an acceptable offer on your home in 30-45 days…yes, even in our current Champaign-Urbana IL market it is possible. Pricing your home correctly has just as much to do with how quickly your home will sell as step 1 above. Before coming to a decision on the price, we will visit and review the competing homes on the market in your neighborhood and in a similar price range, paying special attention to those that have been sitting on the market for awhile and why that is. We will also review comparable homes that sold recently, those that are pending sales, and expired listings. The object is to determine at what price a buyer will see your home as superior to the competition for the price, and subsequently make a close to, if not full, asking price offer.

You may be tempted to over-price your Champaign-Urbana IL home, but that’s a dangerous game to play. From the beginning the buyers will be more attracted to the other homes that are priced more attractively (why wouldn’t they be?) and they won’t make offers on your home, or they’ll make low-ball offers. Then once you reduce your price after a few weeks or months, the buyers will take that as a sign of desperation. At that point, they will not be willing to pay full price for your home, even after you reduce the price. They will be seeking a deal at your expense.

By pricing your home compellingly from the beginning, not only are you increasing the chances of your home selling quickly, but you’re increasing the chances of a close to full-price sale. Our thorough home pricing analysis will show you our recommended price range to help you achieve these things.

Step 3: Exposure

Studies suggest that up to 90% of home buyers today begin their search for a home on the internet! Therefore, the internet is where we focus our marketing efforts. We have invested in several different online marketing platforms which give us the ability to create massive exposure for each individual listing, and ensure that your Champaign-Urbana IL home can be found through a variety of relevant online searches by buyers.

Additionally, we make sure that the basics are not overlooked. Photographs are extremely important to buyers and so we take professional-quality photos which will highlight the best features of your home. We also put great effort into creating a catchy description of your home to be used in our marketing which will compel buyers to inquire about your home.

What Happens If We Don’t Get Any Offers?

At Homeplace Advisors, we’ve created a 24-point checklist just for the occasion. Our goal in this case is to find the problem or the obstacle that’s getting in the way of buyers making an offer, and then to work with you, the seller, to come up with a feasible and appropriate solution. Yes, sometimes the price may be the issue, but often it’s something else that may be easy to fix. Whatever the problem, it’s our job to find it and help you solve it.

We Have An Offer!

Homeplace Advisors will present all offers to you and negotiate diligently on your behalf. Even once we have an accepted offer, our work at Homeplace Advisors is far from over. There are plenty of hurdles left to clear from the buyer’s financing contingency to inspections to the appraisal and more. When you hire Homeplace Advisors for a full-service listing, you can be assured that we are active participants from start to finish, and will make ourselves accessible to you throughout the process.

Selling Your Champaign-Urbana IL Home

It would be our pleasure to assist you with the sale of your home. When you’re ready to discuss the specifics of what it will take to market and sell your Champaign-Urbana IL home, simply give us a call or send us an email to schedule your free initial consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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