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Welcome to Curbanas!

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In just a few days you will be able to enjoy a bit more outdoor dining space right in front of two downtown Urbana eateries. Early this morning, Urbana crews were arrembling the “parklet” kits which have been called CURBANAS–cool moniker!

The first two (will there be more?) are in front of Cafeteria and Co and Crane Alley, both on Main in downtown Urbana. They are not that wide (one of the crew was wondering outloud this am if you could even seat 4 people at a table), and they are RIGHT on the street. Not sure how this will work when a truck whizzes by during dining hours.

Oh well–great idea and a great name.

So—when will they come (if at all) to Downtown Champaign or Campustown?

Curbanas in downtown Urbana

The first Curbana takes shape in front of Crane Alley this morning.

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