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U of I Schedule

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The U of I is a great place for a walk–plus there are many events that are free and open to the public.

The University of Illinois is back in session this Fall and there are many events that the Champaign Urbana public can be a part of. The U of I is more than Fighting Illini basketball and football and all their woes and controversies. And it is more than the administration changes and faculty brouhaha that has gone on in the past months.

This general events calendar for the University of Illinois will keep you up to date on sports, music, academic, and museum events.

Many events are open to the public and free–like Krannert Uncorked which starts Thursday, September 17, 2015, at 5:00pm at KCPA.

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Our Champaign Urbana Real Estate Group

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Beringer Realty

Debbie Hensleigh started Beringer Realty with a vision for excellent customer service.

Now our little group of Champaign real estate experts is growing and here are a couple of recent additions.

Champaignn real estate

Sharon Davis is an energetic addition to our real estate group. She knows the local market well and can help you today in buying or selling your Champaign Urbana home.

Champaign homes

Jean Marie Nyembwe hails from Democratic Republic of Congo, speaks French and English, and loves the real estate investing market.


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408 North State, #13, Champaign

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Donetown Champaign Condo

408 N State is offered for sale by Beringer realty

There are many open houses in Champaign Urbana this weekend featuring homes and condos for sale. This one at 408 N State is special because it is close to downtown Champaign and it even has a view of the area.

This is a vintage place with lots of the special things like wood and tile that make for a great interior environment. The kitchen has a nice feel with some recent quality updates.

This property is priced low and will be open Sunday, 2-4 pm for you to walk through.

Call us at 552-0700 if you have questions.

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Welcome to Curbanas!

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In just a few days you will be able to enjoy a bit more outdoor dining space right in front of two downtown Urbana eateries. Early this morning, Urbana crews were arrembling the “parklet” kits which have been called CURBANAS–cool moniker!

The first two (will there be more?) are in front of Cafeteria and Co and Crane Alley, both on Main in downtown Urbana. They are not that wide (one of the crew was wondering outloud this am if you could even seat 4 people at a table), and they are RIGHT on the street. Not sure how this will work when a truck whizzes by during dining hours.

Oh well–great idea and a great name.

So—when will they come (if at all) to Downtown Champaign or Campustown?

Curbanas in downtown Urbana

The first Curbana takes shape in front of Crane Alley this morning.

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Uncork Urbana- A New Wine Festival

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Wine in downtown Urbana

The first ever local wine festival kicks of June 14 in downtown Urbana!

The creatives in downtown Urbana have done it again–and this new wine festival will prove to be one of the most popular in the Champaign Urbana area in the years to come. Tomorrow the innagural “Uncork Urbana Wine Festival” kicks off in the heart of Urbana in the Busey Bank parking lot. The feature will be wines and beers from local wineries and craft breweries as well as a full slate of entertainment.

The cost is just $10 for 5 samplings and you can purchase drink tickets. Must be 21!

The wine festival runs 1-9p with continuous entertainment.


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U of I Flash Index

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News Gazette economy indicator

The U of I Flash Index graphed this morning on the News Gazette. The econmoic figure has risen generalloy over the last two years.

The U of I Flash Index was published yesterday and it was up a bit from April. This stat is calculated  monthly by the UI Institute of Government and Public affairs and gives a measure of present and future economic health of the Champaign Urbana area. It is a weighted average of growth rates in personal income, corportate earnings, and consumer spending.

The figure rose a bit from April (106) to 106.2 in May. The figure has generally been on the climb since May of 2012 when it pegged 102. Any figure above 100 is considered to be a positive economic indicator. It is also a sign the the Champaign Urbana real estate market is healthy.

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Rural Lots in East Central Illinois

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People often look for building lots for sale near Champaign Urbana. Lots like this for sale in Champaign County are rare (farmland is valuable and productive) and expensive. For one thing there are just not that many wooded areas and those that exist have homes on them.

But cross just over to Vermillion County and there are many more options…and the taxes are lower. Beyond this there is often less red tape with zoning.

These six lots for sale along US Hiway 136 can be perfect for someone who needs access to both Champaign Urbana and Danville. Each lot is almost 2 acres and they can be purchased at a bargain price- especially if the buyer wants more than one. All together they would make a nice parcel for living with access on both Hiway 136 and on the paved side road.

East Central Illinois building lotsThe lots for sale are 1, 2, 7, 8,9, and 10.


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Top Champaign Urbana Parks

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Flowers at Lake of the Woods in Mahomet make all summera a treat there.

The Parks of the Champaign Urbana area lure with flowers of all kinds.


Champaign Urbana has some of the nicest green spaces and parks–all over both cities and around Champaign County. Sometimes people complain that this area is just flat and covered with cornfields. And of course Champaign County is the richest and highest producing corn land in the world. But there are also some awesome and inviting parks and here are some top ones:

  • Meadowbrook Park in Urbana– A long circular walking/jogging trail, native prairie, kids play structure, outdoor sculture, wildlife—this is a perfect place for a family outing.
  • Hessel Park in Champaign– This is the grand old park of the Chambana area, perhaps along with Carle Park in Urbana. Wide open spaces, tennis courts, a wonderful play area for kids and ancient trees make Hessel a destination for relaxing
  • Lake of the Woods in Mahomet– Golf, fishing, history, flowers, and a great walking /jogging trail through the prairie and woods lure you to this quiet green place–even in the heat of summer.


Featured Listings

Wooded Lots For Sale

We have three lovely rural lots available and ideal for building... large mature trees, creeks, wildlife and an abundance of quiet. These lots are enchanting and just 35 minutes from Urbana and 20 minutes from Danville. Realtor owned. Call Debbie at 217.369.9897 for details.

Debbie Hensleigh on how we do real estate at Beringer Realty.